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This is the website for Panasonic Holdings Corporation's ongoing development of perovskite photovoltaics glass.

Glass integrated Perovskite solar cells

Our goal is to achieve glass integrated Perovskite solar cells, which are designed to directly form the photovoltaic layer on the glass substrate, enabling the creation of "power-generating glass" building materials that can be used in various architectural structures.


Prototype module photo | Cells arranged in a gradation pattern


Rendering images of product  |Insulated glass , laminated glass 



The world’s highest level conversion efficiency

Panasonic HD have the world’s highest level conversion efficiency for a perovskite module of more than 800 cm2 size; 18.1% certified with third party, which is almost equal with conventional crystal Silicon module.


A part of this result was carried out as part of the project of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) .



The design aesthetics and size adaptability

Panasonic HD aims to utilize this technology in a wide range of buildings. By combining our original inkjet coating method and laser processing technology, we can enhance flexibility in terms of size, transparency, and design, allowing for customization according to specific requirements.

Mask group

Rendering Image of "Energy-Generating Glass" for Buildings

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